W. A. Silva (16 January 1890 – 3 May 1957) was a best-selling author of Sinhala literature. Wellawattearachchige Abraham Silva was born in Wellawatte, Colombo. After receiving a formal Sinhala education, he wrote his first novel, “Siriyalatha”, at the age of 16.After studying Sanskrit and Sinhala under Pelane Sri Vajiragnana Thero and reading world literature in his spare time while working as a clerk, Silva wrote Lakshmi, his second novel, in 1922. He continued to write popular novels and short story collections. Several of his novels include Kalae Handa (the first Sinhala novel to be made a movie) and Hingana Kolla, which was also made into a movie.Silva edited the Siri Sara (1919–1923) and Nuwana (1940–1946) magazines, as well as a weekly newspaper, Lanka Samaya (1933). After his death, High Street in Wellawatte was renamed W. A. Silva Mawatha in his honour.



  • Siriyalatha (1907)
  • Lakshmi (1922)
  • Hingana Kolla (1923)
  • Pasal Guruvari (1924)
  • Deiyanne Rate (1926)
  • Kele Handha (1933)
  • Daivayogaya (1936)
  • Sunethra (1936)
  • Vijayaba Kollaya (1938)
  • Radala Piliruwe
  • Handa pane
  • Julihatha
  • Ridihavadiya
  • Lensuva
  • Sakviti Raja
  • Amurtha Hasthaya
  • Dalakumar
  • Arabian Nights (translation)
  • Maya Yogaya (play)
  • Ramayanaya (translation)

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