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A Constitution for Living

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Language: English
Publisher: Buddhist Publication Society
Category: Ethics
ISBN: 955 24 0299 9 (2007) (Paperback)
Pages: 110
Size: 210 x 297 mm

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A Constitution for Living

Buddhist Principles for a Fruitful and Harmonious Life

By: P.A. Payutto

A Constitution for Living is an accessible, concise handbook for Buddhist laypeople on the ethical principles of lay practice. Sincerely taking up these principles, which are advocated by the Buddha in the instruction to Sigala and other discourses, leads to the happiness and benefit of both oneself and others.

The book consists of two parts. The first part, The Buddhist’s Life Standards, is a concise summary of the principles, which are elaborated upon in the second part, A Constitution for Living. The first part can be taken as the lay Buddhist’s essential principles for leading a virtuous life, while the latter part consists of general Dhamma principles for leading a virtuous, successful, happy, and perfected life.


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A Constitution for Living
LKR 140.00