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Facets of Buddhism

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Language: English
Publisher: Buddhist Publication Society
Category: Ethics
ISBN: 978-955-24-0425-2 (2016) (Paperback)
Pages: 338
Size: 152 x 221 mm

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Facets of Buddhism

By: Ven. Hammalawa Saddhatissa Thera,

This book is a collection of essays by Venerable Hammalawa Saddhātissa. The essays are on various facets of Theravada Buddhism as well as Buddhism in general and cover a range of topics such as ethics, metaphysics, kamma, rebirth, meditation, history and nibbāna. Because of the author’s sympathy with European ways of thinking, these essays are particularly helpful to those not brought up in a Buddhist culture and tradition. While some of the essays are of an introductory nature, others are more advanced.

Ven. Hammalawa Saddhātissa (1914–1990) was a Sri Lankan scholar monk who is mainly known for his book Buddhist Ethics and his translation of the Sutta Nipāta. The last thirty years of his life he lived in the West, mainly in London. He held various academic positions at universities, and was the abbot of the London Buddhist Vihara.


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Facets of Buddhism
LKR 300.00