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Rebirth as Doctrine and Experience

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Language: English
Publisher: Buddhist Publication Society
Type: Book Category: Expositions and Studies
ISBN: 955 24 076 3 (2010) (Paperback)
Pages: 236
Size: 145 x 220 mm

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Rebirth as Doctrine and Experience

By: Francis Story

Francis Story (Anagarika Sugatananda) was a British-born Buddhist who lived in Asian countries for twenty-five years, deeply studying the Buddhist philosopy of life. From the time of his early contacts with Buddhism, Story had a special interest in the subject of rebirth, which grew keener during his time in Burma, when he encountered individuals who could actually recall their previous lives. He wrote prolifically on the doctrinal side of the Buddhist rebirth teaching and on its correlate, the doctrine of karma.

His interest in cases of rebirth memories finally led him to assist Dr. Ian Stevenson in tracing, investigating, and studying such cases in Sri Lanka, Thailand, and India. The present book contains Story’s essays on the theme of rebirth as well as case studies that he undertook in collaboration with Professor Stevenson, the foremost American investigator of reported rebirth memories. These case studies, which make fascinating reading, lend strong evidential support to the hypothesis of rebirth and thus help to illuminate the ultimate questions concerning human destiny after death.


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Rebirth as Doctrine and Experience
LKR 300.00