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Tales of Kosambi

LKR 150.00

Language: English
Publisher: Buddhist Publication Society
Type: Book Category: Expositions and Studies
Keywords: Children, ‘Young People’, Youth
ISBN: 978 955 24 0356 9 (2010) (Paperback)
Pages: 130
Size: 145 x 220 mm

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Dimensions 220 × 145 cm
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Tales of Kosambi

By: Pothecary, Paul

Although it is not one of the sacred areas of pilgrimage for Buddhists, the ancient city of Kosambi in northeast India witnessed important events during the life-time of the Buddha.

The author, Paul Pothecary, has brought together the most important events that occurred IN AND around Kosambi TO CREATE a lively, imaginative AND accessible narrative that interweaves historical figures, events AND important aspects OF the Buddha’s teachings WITH fascinating accounts OF life IN northeast India MORE than 2500 years ago.

This book is especially suitable to newcomers to Buddhism, those who like tales and stories, and young people. School teachers will find the tales useful for teaching students about Buddhism.

Paul Pothecary, an artist, was a Buddhist monk for many years in the Thai Theravada tradition. He now lives in Dorset, England. He also made the illustrations in this book.


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Tales of Kosambi
LKR 150.00