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The Path of Freedom

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Language: English
Publisher: Buddhist Publication Society
Type: Book Category: Translations
ISBN: 978-955-24-0054-4 (2020) (Paperback)
Pages: 370
Size: 165 x 240 mm

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By: N.R.M. Ehara, Soma Thera, Kheminda Thera,

Translators from the Chinese

The Vimuttimagga is a manual of meditation, evidently based on the experience of Buddhist monks in ancient times and compiled for the guidance of those intent on a contemplative life. The work is compiled in accordance with the classical Buddhist division of the path into the three stages of virtue, concentration, and wisdom, culminating in the goal of liberation. It is widely believed that the Vimuttimagga may have been the model used by Acariya Buddhaghosa to compose his magnum opus, the Visuddhimagga, several centuries later. The older work is marked by a leaner style and a more lively sense of urgency stemming from its primarily practical orientation.

The Vimuttimagga is ascribed to the Buddhist monk Upatissa, who is believed to have lived in Sri Lanka in the first half of the first millennium. The original Pali text of the work no longer exists, but fortunately a Chinese translation of it, made in the sixth century, has survived. It is from that work that the present translation into English has been made.

This is a limited edition, photocopy reprint.


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The Path of Freedom
LKR 1,500.00