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Nikolai Nikolaevich Nosov was a Soviet children’s literature writer, the author of a number of humorous short stories, a school novel, and the popular trilogy of fairy tale novels about the adventures of Dunno and his friends.

In 1938 Nosov began to publish his stories, including Zatejniki (Russian: Затейники, roughly translates as Jokers); Alive HatCucumbersMiraculous Trousers, and Dreamers. These stories were published mainly in the magazine for children Murzilka and many of them make up the foundation of the Nosov’s first collection Rat-tat-tat, 1945). Nosov introduced a new hero, naïve and sensible, naughty and curious fidget obsessed by craving for activities and always getting into unusual, often comic situations – into children’s literature.

The most popular works became his stories for teenagers Merry Family (1949), The Kolya Sinitsyn’s Diary (1950), Vitya Maleev at School and at Home (1951). This last one received State Stalin Prize in 1952.

Long-term fame and love of readers were gained by his fairy stories about Dunno (Neznaika). The first of those is the fairy tale Vintik, Shpuntik and vacuum cleaner. Further the hero appeared in the famous trilogy consisting of fairy tale novels The Adventures of Dunno and His Friends (1953–1954), Dunno in Sun City (1958), and Dunno on the Moon (1964–1965).

He received the RSFSR State Prize in 1969; the award is commemorated to Nadezhda Krupskaya.

The writer is also the author of an autobiographical work Story about My Friend Igor (1971–1972) and a memoirs narrative Mystery on a Well Bottom (1977).

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